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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Interesting. I'm pushing ~ 425/475 RWHP/TQ to the wheels (17-18psi) with the Procede/PWM Meth system and did a hard 6 lap set around Big Willow after a few warm up laps. Oil temp gauge hit 250 and stayed right there through all 6 laps (so car was on the track for ~ 20 min straight, being pushed hard for about 10 min). The brakes quit on me otherwise I could have kept going...not sure for how long though but it seemed like the engine wasn't getting any hotter. I have zero cooling mods except meth. Willow is at 2,700 ft elevation and was fairly cool that day, so perhaps that also helped keep oil temps cool.

MFlowT5 tracks his car quite a bit at over 400+ wheel HP and meth and I don't remember him experiencing cooling issues. Maybe he can chime in.
Hmm, what meth/water ratio? I'm at 75/25 for track and almost 100% meth for street. My thought process for this is to run a bit less boost and more ignition advance as opposed to more water (a little bit more cooling) and less timing.

Another thing that makes a large difference is the design of the track; more straights vs. twisties. For example, the two popular tracks around me are BIR (4 long straights, one of them being 1.1 miles long, the two 1/4 mile long, etc. and Road America also has many very long straights; and there is absolutely no area for the engine to cool on these tracks.

RA is known for being extremely hard on engines...and BIR as well. No question that that is attributing to the higher heat I'm experiencing. In any case, 265 or even 275 is not concerning; but anything above that is a bit uncomfortable.