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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Great post!

I'm gonna do this very soon as well.
I will be replacing the mechatronic sealing sleeve as well since it's only a $15 part and might as well do it just incase.
Just did this today, replaced with new pan/filter assy, and replaced the mech sleeve. The sleeve was the real problem, but if youre changing the pan, you might as well change the mech sleeve, its an inexpensive part, and you're down there anyway.

From what I've read on these forums, the A/T is prone to leak at the sleeve, and the common factor is people replace the pan thinking it is the one leaking when in reality it is the mech sleeve.

Called BMW Houston North and quoted me $300 just for the pan; ordered online instead and got pan PLUS 6 liters of ZF fluid for less than that price.

I agree with the kid, it is an EASY diy, and theres plenty of DIY stickies with excellent photos and PDF's available for those thinking of doing this.