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Adaptive headlamp failure

So last night as I was driving I got the dreaded adaptive headlamp failure. When it popped up I hadn't hit a pothole or anything of that sort so it was peculiar because most threads I've researched for this error stemmed from someone hitting a pothole. I drove another 5 miles or so and it never went away. I got home turned off my car and turned it back on, error appeared again as soon as I tried turning the steering wheel. I got in my car this morning and the error is no longer there, even after another 5-6 mile drive.

However, my understanding is that the adaptive lights only work when the light dial is switched to "auto". Since it's daytime, my headlights or adaptive headlights wouldn't come on anyway. I tried the regular position all the way to the right, drove like that too and also nothing. Would this error be stored in the "control messages" section even though it isn't night time? I guess the real test will be tonight, but I wanted to know if anyone on here had this come up on their cars and go away casually not returning.

Here's the pic:

Thanks guys