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Dude, I would choose the Bimmer over the Infiniti any day. I actually wanted one myself a long time ago, and honestly I am glad i choose the 3 over the G. I have driven a G35 coupe many times and one of my friends had a G35 coupe. He even admits the 3 is a better car overall. As far as performance, the G does take it on take off, but in the long run believe or not, the 328 actually beats it pretty good. It wasn't until we reached 80 - 90 mph where my car started to over take the G35, in other words, beat the coupe. Mind you, they are both auto and stock. My 3 didn't have sport package either. As far as handling, the G isn't bad, caught up pretty good with my car, but once again that is because i didn't have the sport package on the car. As far as the interior goes, Im sorry but the interior Infiniti has is really cheap and plasticy. Don't even compare the interior quality BMW has on their cars to Infiniti. loll... Overall, the 3 series is a better car. I dont mean to badmouth on the G, it is still a good car, but never as good as the 3 series ... If you do decide to get the 3 series, make sure to get it with sport package. It really makes a difference on the car's handling. Plus it gives you the sporty edge you want

Btw forgive me on my grammar and spelling, I was in a rush writing this loll.

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