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**FIXED** Ride is sitting way too high!!

I checked for installation error but everything was fine then i measured my new shocks with the old oem ones and they were exactly the same. so i bought a set of C2 front springs off my friends e92 316i and installed them and finally my ride height is normal like all the e90s w/o zsp.

Thank u all guys for yr help

Hi guys, i just replaced my old shocks after 100,000km and they were completly worn out , i installed new Bilstein B4 for the front and the rears the part numbers are VNE-500 , VNE-501 & BNE-502 which are the direct replacment for my 320i, now the car sits way too high about 4 and half fingers in the front but nothing changed in the rear hight , i used to have a 3gap in the front after i installed 17 inch style 285 and with the stock 16s the gap was 2 and half fingers, i checked everything regarding the installation and everything seems fine. iam really annoyed as it reminds me with the x-drive version , i checked the springs codes and i found the front are C3 and the rear are C2, i also checked my friends 320s and they have the same springs but there height is completly different is this due to the high pressure of the bilsteins? or my front springs are wornout and cant hold the new shocks??
i also heard that people use the zsp and msport springs on the standard suspension but iam a little worried about the life span of my new shocks , and the only aftermarket springs i found was the koni sport springs that drops 30mm fornt and rear.

Any ideas??

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