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Originally Posted by hotrod182 View Post
No..I had to watch me 2yr old today too. After testing and still seeing 20:1 afr spike on nitrous..I decided it was not safe to go..especially with no shot a 10's. Good thing 2:30pm Eric said a car went flipping over the wall. He left after that. I am going after the diesel record in my 2011 335d..(already ran 12.9 down here). I am also getting ready for testing on the new n20 four cylinder when they come out soon to replace the 2008 335i. So I have been busy returning this car to stock. Im just glad I got to thoroughly test the capabilities of this car.

Eric said there was a tune.pulley.header CTSV there. Ran 12.5 at 115. A new 550i ran 13.3 at 107mph. Puts into perspective how remarkable our cars are trapping 120mph+.
Sorry to hear you're moving away from the N54 I had really hoped you'd be the first to hit 10s given how much work you've put into testing.