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Originally Posted by tscdennab View Post
Hmm...this is not good, as I was just preparing to buy some Bilstein B4s for my car. I checked the part numbers and they seem to be the right ones.

Gas pressure and damping force should not have anything to do with the ride height unless your car is sitting on the shock bump stops (search Google) - can you check ? If it's the case, the ride should be very stiff in front. In some applications, the stock bump stops have to be trimmed or replaced with shorter ones. Did you receive new bump stops with your new shocks or used the stock ones ?

The other reason is that the replacement shock has the spring perch placed higher than the standard shock, which should be very unlikely unless you received different parts than the ones you asked for. Did you have the chance to compare the two shocks (Bilstein & stock) side by side to see if the placement of spring perches is the same ?

At the rear there are no problems because the spring sits completely independently from the shock.

By the way, how is the ride with the new shocks ?

Let us know how this evolves...
I replaced the bump stops with new febi ones of the same height and i think bump stops doesnt do anything with ride height , i also dont need to trim them or to buy shorter ones as i didn't lower the car.
About the spring perch i didn't compare it with the oem shock as the bilsteins were a direct replacement to my oem shock, but it seems that i will go to the shop i bought the shocks from and i will measure my old shock with a new bilstein set.

My opinion on the bilsteins is that they dramatically improved the car , the difference is night and day , i dont feel that the rfts are stiff anymore and the car drives perfectly on poor roads exactly like the comfortable E60s with 16s !!! . On the Highway the handling is improved alot and the car is completly different than a brand new 2012 e90, i was going to buy SACHS aftermarket (Super touring) they are way better than the oem BUT Bilstein proved that they are the best stuts ever. I advice anyone using the oem setup with the crap oem Sachs to replace them with B4s.