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Excellent DIY!

Originally Posted by jlE90 View Post
mines went out at 60k cost me $430 to do it at a shop, not BMW dealer, if i found this thread i should would of took at shot at it BTW the gasket is around 30$ at the stealership
Mine's out at 110k and the shop quoted me about the same price as you. The gasket was $29 at my local dealer and this really isn't hard to do.

Thanks for the great writeup and yea, leave the coolant hose connected it's far easier...also don't be retarded like me and lose the metal clip that holds on the oil pressure switch. Pry it off and it will fly somewhere if you aren't careful.

My new years resolution is not to spend any more blood money at the BMW mechanic. I've always worked on my older cars, and 6k in repairs later I am working on my wife's 2006 325i because that's just nuts for one year of ownership. (water pump, thermostat, oil pan gasket, coolant hoses, an oil change, serpentine belt and both VANOS solenoids).

Replacing this and the spark plugs would have been another 1k and I finally said no, enough is enough. I can work on cars, even ones as overly complicated as this.


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