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I got the keyz to the Bimmer!
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SWAP : 18" BBS CH (Satin Black with Silver Lip) Staggered & Deeper Rears

BBS CH 18" staggered wheels in satin black with a silver polished lip.

Front = 8.0J
Rear = 9.0J

The rear wheels aswell as being wider, have deeper bowls (very hard to find)

Rear Tyres are michelins
Front Tyres are dunlops
Both have very very good tread.

The wheels are immaculate and don't have a single curbing or scratch to them, they are not a refurbed set either.
The lip is machine finished, they are MINT

My wife bought them for me mid november as a present and I only fitted them to my car 2-3 weeks ago.

They are very very nice wheels, I just want something abit bigger.

P.M me your email address if you'd like some pictures.

I'm after a set of 19s, they don't have to be new, must have Tyres, straight swap with mine.

Again I stress, these wheels are near enough BRAND NEW without any curbings or scratches.

I park my car in my heated garage over night and since fitting them, I've driven my no more than 4 or 5 times.

The wheels are replicas, and I have yet to see a set like mine, I've looked on eBay and have not seen a set which I'd staggered with deeper rears.
There are plenty out there which are wider rear wheels, but they do not have a deeper bowl (concave inwards)

Perfect for any E9X model, or E46, no rubbing, no catching, perfect fit.

Any Q's just ask, apart from smart comments, keep them to yourself, I know there's alot of comedians here, just a genuine sale (Swap I should say)

Happy New Year

07885 437 960

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