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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
Did you get to the bottom of why they were very shakey on the car?

It's maybe worth mentioning if the tyres were new or part worn.
Bad balancing twice!
Twice were balanced by the same garage, was about to have a axle/radial test done to find out root of problem (cost 150.00) but then thought I'd just try another garage.

When took my motor to them, the guy said it was the worst balancing job he'd seen it 15years of him being a tyre fitter.

1" spaces between weights, too many weights, weights not in correct location.

I ended up going to original garage and letting my rage loose!

Speedys Tyres and wheels, STAY AWAY! Bunch on jokers!

I don't buy part worn Tyres, the reason for different brands on rear/front is just down to preference, I believe michelins to be better for the rear to get the power down and not just spin out and dunlops on the front for tight cornering.

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