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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post
Gents these runs were done back in mid October and I just forgot to send files to Mr5

9.07 60-130mph

Below is the link to my thread and also the description I first posted.

Finally got my hands on a vbox and did some runs tonight in Mexico.

I have a 2007 6at e92 with 52,000 miles on the odo. And I'm running Map4 on the newest at the time Stg3 Aggressive procede beta maps at the default settings (65% boost/100% IC on map 2). Shifting with the paddles at 6000RPM. Starting to accelerate in 3rd gear around 40mph. Then upshifting twice at 6000rpm.

I did 3 back to back runs. All recorded in the same log file. My times were 9.07, 9.19 and 9.30. I guess even meth cars aren't totally immune to heatsoak! Each run had a decline of less than the 3% max allowed. I'll email the vbox file to Mr.5 for verification and to double-check my math. Still running full weight (although I have a carbon fiber trunk lid). I think I can break into the 8s if I did some basic weight reduction (seats out!). I have a procede datalog of a 8.9s 60-130mph run but it turned out that the decline was -3.5% I've attached both the vbox log and the procede datalog if anyone wants to look them over.

The biggest difference with these new maps compared to the previous maps is that boost is lower (17-19psi peak dropping to 14-15psi by 6000rpm) and power between 5000-6000rpm is ridiculous! Low end torque is amazing too. When I was starting the run in 3rd gear at around 40mph, I would even get serious wheelspin that sometimes lasted until past 60mph . I think just going with some stickier rubber would help. Oh and it was a nice cool night mid 50s.

List of upgrades:
Procede rev.3
Vishnu PWM Meth (80/20). Also added 2 gallons of 100oct to 2 gallons of 91.
AA catless dp
Vishnu cat-back (but added high flow secondary cats)
Helix FMIC
Vishnu DCI
Forge DVs

All seats in the car
Truth. My car loses as much as .5 seconds on back to back to back runs. If you're going to run an NA car, you only have one shot to beat him, otherwise the car loses a TON of power.
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