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Originally Posted by Inventor View Post
Update to my install...
I got in contact with Dimsum before Xmas and we met up; he was able to sucessfully code the car to accept the TCU. He added option code "S664A" (MOBILE PHONE, US STANDARD) to all affected modules (I think they were: CAS, NFRM, FZD, TCU, & 2RAD) and everything worked - voice commands & Bluetooth.
At this point, I had a couple minor problems setting up the phone: The passcode "0000" did not work, I ended up trying passcode "1234" and I was connected!!! Also, the cell's phonebook did not fully load... for some reason it did not load all the contacts, I realized that all the items saved to the SIM were missing, but it did load the contacts saved to the phone in outlook format - After importing all contacts from SIM and re-syncing... the phonebook now loads.

I highly recommend using Dimsum, great service and knowledgeable guy...
Interesting, didn't know it had to be added to each module? I thought it was only CAS using FA_WRITE. Also I thought the FA codes had to begin with $ (and service codes begin with a +)?

Forgive me if I'm completely out of whack here, I'm still new to coding.

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