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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post

Jap - VAG - BMW seems to be the trend . EG6 B18C6 JDM converted & EK4 Civic's first, FBO LEON Cupra R and now my 335i. Each move has been a step up from the previous in terms of refinement and I plan to continue as I get older but, I'm still young.

Nice set of Rota Sub's on the Civic BTW.
Cheers Jam, yeah does seem a popular progression, I'll have to do a full list on here of previous cars, my first was a white xr3i! cool eh!

Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
That's a nasty accident!! E36 were death traps so you are a lucky boy. Was I a real M3?!

Punctured your lung?! Ouch. How many broken ribs??
Hi Dx, yeah i was lucky bud. No broken ribs or punctured lung, it was just badly bruised due to the impact, on the scan my right lung was nearly all black and as such not functioning properly, I kept having to have these horrible blood o2 level tests (the YTS nurses all got to do it!!) where they stick a needle with a pot on into your wrist and dig around! apart from that ,snapping a tendon underneath my tackle! and cuts on my ankles from the pedals I was ok!
It wasn't a real M3 no, it was a 325i but Heathrow BMW used it as a demonstrator for all the ASC parts. So had the wheels,wood,steering wheel,g/nob,suspension etc pretty much a full S3 rep.