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Originally Posted by JonDiesel View Post
@park .... wait WHAT!? haha that's too funny I was on as well... for a good 7 years now and I just posted my farewell post .. lol that's crazy.
i will post pics like I promised and as far as gas mileage I've been getting anywhere from 24-28 mixed driving but over 30 on the highway - I'm not sure how much over 30 I haven't done much over 500 miles yet. but this is amazing to me - being that my maxima wasn't reaching much over 20 even highway and the x3 is pretty much in the same boat. damn, I LOVE my lil diesel
I had an 02 blk on blk 6 speed. Miss that car a little.

After I got around 4,000 miles my average is near 32mpg each tank. Freeway trips to Vegas get me 35.