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Originally Posted by BkNy3 View Post
I had to change my steering column module recently and all 3 of these lights popped up. This is a great DIY, however based on the info that others provided it seems that I would need a BMW tech to code the new module to the car.

Anyone know if that is the case for all new modules?
Yes, if the module is not the original one from the vehicle.

"Signal Flow
The acquired and calculated data of the steering column switch cluster are mainly transferred via the F-CAN to the corresponding control units.
The information for diagnosis is therefore also transferred via the F-CAN to the DSC. The DSC establishes the communication interface with the BMW diagnosis system.
The steering column switch cluster cannot be addressed directly via the BMW diagnosis system.
The DSC must be encoded after replacing the steering column switch cluster. The DSC transfers the coding to the steering column switch cluster."