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Hi Greg,

Originally Posted by Detailed Image View Post
1.) I would personally rather the dealership did nothing than their prep. Generally dealerships use products that look great and protect for days maybe a few weeks best case, so it's not worth it for the harm they are almost guaranteed to do. I know it's cold but maybe just do an ONR wash (Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine New Formula (ONR)), clay and protect with the Optimum Opti-Seal & Free Yellow Foam Applicator. This process would be so much safer and more complete. If you have to skip the clay you should still be relatively fine since it's new. If you don't have access to a garage maybe you could borrow a friends for a few hours. If you still let them do their process I would still recommend the Opti-Seal but for maximum durability you'll want to strip off whatever they put on first.
This is a great idea, I can definitely do the wash and spray seal with little issue!

Originally Posted by Detailed Image View Post
Afterward apply the Zaino sealants with a blue pad to protect and enhance the shine. Is it worth layering a wax on afterward it's really a personal opinion. Some sealants look fantastic on their own but some owners want the deepest gloss possible and more protection so a wax is helpful to them. If interested the Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax is an amazing wax but if you need to save some money the Poorboy's World Natty's Blue Paste Wax is an outstanding value.
What alternatives to the Z2 Pro, Z6 & Z8 combination would you suggest? I'd like to play with other products on the E91 as a test bed, and then possibly adopt on the E46. Maybe a seal that looks pretty good without wax, but looks even better with? I think I'd like to try the Poorboy's wax out on the first full detail, and then skip on the next to evaluate the difference.

Thanks again, getting attention like this from a pro is a great service to the board community (as an E90post newbie, still learning all the perks of membership)