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Well the way i think of it is 1 its alive, 2 if i hit it it will cost a great deal of money to fix my car (friend hit a deer, fix was like 4.5k), and if i am faced with a decision like the situation my buddy experienced, I would hit the animal. If it is my life or its life screw the car its a piece of metal, screw the animal, I need to live and keep my passengers safe.

Situation that had happened with me and my buddy.

Driving to the lake 4 people in a Dodge Ram... mid turn a deer is staring at the headlights of the car and another car is coming head on, on the other side of the road.

We tried our best to miss it but we didn't. Although it was not dead I'm sure it had a lot of broken bones, as it was still alive when we stopped on the side of the road. Everyone was okay, but I'm sure the deer died not far from there.