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Trade 335i for M3?

Alright guys so I may be in the position to trade my 2007 e92 335i for a 2008 e90 m3 sedan.

The e92 335i i own has 53k miles, it is TiAg on black dakota, with premium, cold weather, sport, comfort access package, and has a 100k/6yr warranty.

The e90 m3 has 54k miles, its interlagos blue on grey, beautful combo. Its loaded with similar feature but it also has navi.

So im talking prices and it looks like its gonna come down to my 335i plus 15k on top to make this deal happen.

I love the power of the 335i, I just got it last March when i traded in my G35 and it was night and day. I have a jb+, charge pipe, DCI, DPs, and BOV on it right now, so I know I havent really tapped its power potential, I am considering a Cobb AP.

Now as much as I love my 335i, an m3 is an m3, I have always wanted one a regretted so much going to a g35 instead of an m3, i settled back then and even though i was crazy excited about the 335i, I still knew i never got to that epitomy of automotive excellence aka M3.

I have a chance at one and im considering it, on one hand I can go all out FBO and a Cobb AP and enjoy the lower cost of ownership with the E92, not to mention I love the coupe body. On the other hand, I can pay to play and have the all out amazing experience of an M3 with the daily drivability and practicality of a sedan.

Any insight one way or the other would be great, thanks guys.