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Originally Posted by r4mejor View Post
Last week I jumped into my car after work and pressed the start button. The car would not start and the yellow steering wheel lock symbol popped up. Tried all the forum tricks (getting in and out of the car, moving the steering wheel, new battery) but nothing worked. Had the car towed home and this morning after all my special torx and 5 point torx tool came in the mail I ran through this DIY. I think BMW intentionally tried to make the lock mechanism as cheesy and overly complicated as possible.

After everything was back in place and reconnected the battery, I inserted the key and could hear the lock release....success!!! Thanks for saving me $1200 as i'm out of warranty.

Now for peace of mind, I would LOVE to remove/disable the lock and reprogram the car to ignore the Steering Wheel Lock all together. I read the posts above, but has anyone successfully completed this??? As for now I will say a little payer before I start the car. Thanks again for the great DIY.
do you still get the red icon?