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Originally Posted by tareemaa View Post
well as far as money goes, i think i can pay for it, it will strain things a bit, insurance will be higher, more for gas, maintence doesnt seem like it will be but many are saying it is. As for the question of whether or not i need it, I dont track yet, no time. Im basically looking for the ultimate daily driver, honestly the 335i comes very close, but there is something special about the M3, the question is, is it 15k special? Especially if i go FBO with a tune, everyone keeps telling me its a totally different car, maybe i should grab a Cobb AP and then see if the trade is still worth it...
Buying a high performance car without warranty, think about the cost of things when they do break and if you already going to strain to make this deal happen then you are in trouble when car has issues! You have an itch, even though you want it scratched only do it if you are truly financialy capable to dish out 15k..

15k in to an employer 401k that matches 50 cents on a dollar, you have made $7500.00 end of the year, great investment if you ask me :-)