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Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
What year is your 330D? mines on 60k so more or less run in, but I wouldn't have expected BP Ultimate to give you that power curve climb. Just wondering why mine drops off. I suspect the graph doesn't go on enough maybe yours drops off further along the axis but isnt shown on the print out.
Yep, I think it has definitely peaked by 4k.
It's an M57 on a 58 plate so pre LCI
Done 1800 miles since the remap, if anything it feels stronger that the day it was mapped. That or I'm just used to where the power is and know where it lurks at....
A dyno is subjective though and really is an indication of power, if they were compared one run after another with the same weather conditions and air temp / pressure tht would be a more true test. It could be that yours was on the rollers on a hot day perhaps? It was only 4deg ambient when on the rollers at evolve - worth bearing in mind.