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Originally Posted by srwatters View Post
While this is true, it perhaps isn't really obvious that you need to use the code via NETTODAT option. NCSdummy does a great job of listing out all the options, but even with the latest version is isn't clear that you need to change the value, then write the module trace data back different from normal option coding (sg_codieren with FSW PSW MAN). The option is MIND_ANZ_ZYKL_TIPP_BLK. The parameter needs to be custom added with the data being the number of blinks you want (I used 4). From there you can export the trace data as a NETTODAT.MAN file and write it back to the module using the job coapiCodeSgByNettoData. It's all explained in the NCSdummy thread "Taking the expert out of NCS expert".

Good luck!
Been experimenting with this program and the most useful feature is the english translations on what those options mean. I haven't been able to change my triple blink yet, having a tough time with the NETTODAT part as it's a bit different from regular modules. Where do I find this 'code via NETTODAT' option? I don't see it in NCS Dummy?

From the regular modules I managed to get my doors to lock when driving off, changed to 15km/h. (this isn't an option in the cluster on my pre Sept-05 build e90), get my key to unlock all 4 doors with one push, auto-unlock doors when engine stopped, add a speed-limit warning on the dashboard at 120km/h.

For some reason my modules don't have an option to disable the seatbelt chimes, that's on my to-do list as well.

Great program, still not completely dummy-proof, but much easier than NCS Expert.