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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post
Thanks NiVeDh!

Also, I'm assuming that you also have the PSS10s, so how do I know how far up or down to set the knob?

How do I realign the knob after messing with it, meaning, how do I know that '1' is lined up with the softest setting on the rear strut? Because I need to turn the knob to expose the set screw hole in order to loosen it, you know what I'm talking about?

Last time I had that issue(it only went 9 clicks instead of 13, lol), the tech that did the install adjusted it for me, but I just don't want to keep driving back to the shop (20 min drive) just for this, I think it's easy, but need some tips!

I have the PSS9 but they're very similar.

For setting the adjuster knob, the instructions are on page 20 of this PDF:

However, I must say that it's mainly trial and error. The most important piece of information, at least for the PSS9, is that the starting position should be at "full clockwise" which is the softest damping position. Once set, put the adjuster on so that the score mark lines up with the correct setting. On the PSS9, this is "9". Then, tighten it, and then see if you can hear a "click" at every setting counterclockwise all the way to "1".

Warning: the PSS10 uses the opposite nomenclature for damping. For PSS9, softest is "9" and firmest is "1" while for the PSS10, softest is "1" and firmest is "10" so look out for that.

I only have the instruction manual for the PSS9 that I posted above. You can e-mail Bilstein and they will send you the one for the PSS10.

I hope that helps.