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Originally Posted by Business edition View Post
The new MOT rules suck, your not allowed to anything to your car really can't even remap it
Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
its true MOT rules are a pain the a$$....
Not really, the new rules are to help catch out really bad or bodge / crap mods, i.e. HID kits, cheap plug in tuning boxes, ill-sized wheels and tyres, or obvious interference with emissions systems etc...

Anyone making considered, proven or quality modifications to their cars will be just fine if it passes emissons and has no adverse effects on the safety of the vehicle.

REMAPS are not banned specifically, only if they make the car fail the emissions tests, no MOT station is able to check for REMAPs, the new checks are only by visual inspection in anycase.

Do you think someone spending 10000 on an 600BHP+ Gpower M3 supercharger conversion would want it to fail an MOT?