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Originally Posted by Scoot View Post
There is little point unless you are leasing in buying a new high end vehicle today as prices are too high and it shows judging by how fast new car are depreciating.

In my eyes a very good spec new 320d should be about 28000 / 29000.

The only car that seems good value To me is new 2012 Audi S4. Broadspeed are offering some cracking deals on them , and I could get a very high spec S4 saloon for under 40000.

Personally if it's as good as they say I'd say stuff the extra 10 /13 mpg saving and go for the safety of 4x4 and the big leap in performance.

Hope you and the family had a good Christmas Guy

The S4 is nice, I had one for a day in avant form with the dsg 'box and loved it.
I was getting around 26mpg from it for the whole day, which I thought was pretty good, and say at 80mph on the motorway it was seeing 34mpg.

I would certainly have one if I could get away with the size, but just slightly too small for me as a main car. Boot space I mean.

Yeah all good here mate, Christmas was nice, just a bit short.