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Originally Posted by NiVeDh
Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post
ok thanks!

So I start at the softest position, which for PSS10, is '1'....

I'm assuming that I should stop at the section where it reads 'assembly B16'? Since I'm not ERC equipped, right?

Did you do the install yourself on your PSS9s? I'm not sure what the instruction meant by 'remove the adjusting plate', do they mean the knob?

When I remove the adjustment knob completely, there should be some indication of the setting on the shock with the knob off, does that make sense? So I know where to line the lines on the knob to the actual score mark(if there's one) on the strut itself.....


What's ERC? I followed the instructions under that section.

A BMW tech friend and I did the install together.

Adjusting plate is the knob.

I understand what you're asking. That's why you turn the square part fully clockwise first. Fully clockwise is full soft on the PSS9 (not sure about PSS10). That means that when you put the knob on, you need to line the score mark up with "9". Maybe on the PSS10, you line it up with "1" - I am not sure about this.

It's kind of "relative" with respect to the collar with the score mark. You should orient both the collar and the knob so that the score mark lines up with "9" after the square part has been turned fully clockwise.

After that, make sure the little ball bearing is slightly depressed - this is what allows you to feel every "click" as you move the adjuster. Make sure it moves through every adjustment position.

It's really hard to explain... just give it a try and play with it for a bit. You will get it.

Do remember that everything I've said applies to the PSS9 so please confirm that it is the same on the PSS10 because I don't know.
Oh I thought B16 meant that you have the electronic ride control, where you can adjust the firmness of the struts from the

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