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Originally Posted by REGguy View Post
In May 2011 went in for fuel pump recall and it appears also had fuel injectors #2, 3 replaced per a different SIB (did not focus on this at the time). In November 2011 (2 mos out of 4 year warranty) experienced engine failsafe message and loss of power. Dealer replaced faulty injectors #4,5,6 as a "goodwill" gesture. Car runs fine now, but just noticed in service records that injector #1 was never replaced. Is this a potential issue? Why didn't they replace all injectors in the first instance?
They have a list of specific injectors that need to be replaced, based on date and production code. For the recall, they check your car against the list and replace any that qualify. Probably your second set failed or were marginal on testing. #1 probably was OK from the beginning, and still is.