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Originally Posted by vase330 View Post
Nope, no temp indicator in I-drive either. You know only when it is too late and already overheating. Stupid move BMW! Just like their dipstick removal for electronic indicator that been a failure issue on these cars. There is a few threads of malfunctioning oil level indicator and TSB by BMW about a fix. Annoying. What was wrong with the dipstick they felt the urge to get rid of it? Or the water temperature gauge? My car over heated badly and I only knew when I saw the warning light. The oil temp didn't budge from its 245 F normal through all this. Where is Apple when BMW could use their awesome user interface design skills?
Nope, what I meant was BMW included the I-drive screen as the second hump on the instrument panel, which forced them to shrink the real-estate needed for the proper (classic) BMW gauge cluster, so they just ditched the temp gauge all together and moved the gas gauge under the speedo.