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Originally Posted by DavS1 View Post
jules6, good shout but i've tried that, had the whole scuttle pannel/wipers and a load of other bits removed and it still done it, as I said it's a recognised fault with our cars by BMW but for some reason i'm either missing something or they got it wrong, my speed clips are all tight and rattle free, I think the wheel arch liner needs to come off for inspection!

haven't done anything about this, I might look on Sunday and if I can't fix it i'll put it into bmw as it also has bad condensation on the repeater lenses

jamesg, when it's cold out i get a creek from between my centre consol/dash, if you jam a finger in it, it stops...a lot of people jame a thin piece of rubber inbetween to stop this. When it's summer, the noise dissappears.

Also, the seatbelt butlers rattle when cold, this does my tit's in also, the car's only done 11K miles!
Has your car got the bonnet sound insulation in place? if so try removing it 6 fixings, you may find your fluttering noise has gone. I think BMW removed this insulation in 2008 anyway.