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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
I'm sorry Levi... but I don't buy that. If the chassis is capable of handling more power from a NA engine, then there's no way of making more power from this engine, say extra 50hp, while keeping both the emissions and consumption down without FI. Period.

If a more powerful version of this engine will ever exist then it will be FI. Of that I am pretty sure!

Oh, sorry... it already exists and Subaru says it has FI!

Yes, the engine you are talking about is going to fit in the the WRX. Why should an STI get a completely different engine? The BRZ STI will be like an M3 CSL or a 911 GT3 RS, a more hardore version and not a just powerful version like for example VW Scirocco and VW Scirocco R. So also who cares about keeping emissions and consumption low? The AS1 is a tuners car, so those wanting FI will just swap EJ engines or ad supercharger or turbocharger kits. Only TRD will offer a bolt on supercharger for any 86, and maybe a special version with it already from factory.