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My 335i has only 43k km after almost 5 years. It's just luck of the draw (a.k.a. bad quality control by BMW) your battery died after 3-years.

I also drive an X5 with the original battery. It is 8 1/2 years old with +150k km.

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Hey guys,

So my battery died a week ago. Got a jump start then brought the car to the dealer. They charged me 500$ for programming + a new battery.
Their reasoning for not having it covered under warranty was because I made lots of short trips throughout the 3 years of owning the car(total mileage = 30,000km after 3 years). Moreover, they said that the system showed that I had my signal lights on for 11 hours and that I have GP thunder installed.

Okay, I guess making short trips does harm the battery but within 3 years? really? Does it really make that big of a difference?
Leaving my signal lights on for 11 hours is impossible. I have my car in the garage, I wouldve been able to hear the ticking noise or see the yellow flashes as I get out the car.

The final problem comes down to the lights. As I have read a similar thread regarding GP Thunders, is it really true that it will drain the battery even after turning off the engine?
Am I required to press the start/stop button twice every time just so everything turns off from now on?

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