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I astounds me that these issues aren't properly investigated when an owner of a 30k+ car walks into a dealer and complains about something that is clearly driving them crackers. If my car broke down it would be taken to the dealer, the offending part replaced/mended, I'd pick it up, job done. I'd probably never give it a second thought. It's happened in the past with other brands. Why are dealers so out of the loop with Joe Public when it comes to the issues that spoil the enjoyment of a car every single day? Issues that may seriously discourage a buyer from looking at a particular marque again. Or at the very least writing off the entire dealer network as a bunch of incompetents.

I've had my dash rattle/squeak/noise/whatever for about 6 months now and the car has been back (at least) three times but each time the issue isn't sorted because of a lack of investigation by the dealer and the system in place with BMW regarding the time they can spend on the problem. I thought I was close the last time because the tech seemed to give a shit and he asked if he could drive my car home and back. Perfect I thought. In the end he didn't and some other numpty got it and when I picked it up it appeared all he'd done was wipe my OBC, pair his iPhone and crank the stereo volume up to 11. Obviously the noise reappeared within 20 yards of leaving the dealer.

At the moment I'm trying to ignore it. But that's only going to last so long.