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Originally Posted by TXAutoLaw View Post
It's not just the German companies. The Japanese companies and American companies do as well. Don't forget though, you're dealing with the US entities of any manufacturer when it comes to warranty issues. The foreign entities do not get involved with that.
There's a certain attitude at some makes, however. Like when I drove into the Jaguar dealership with my 335i. Jaguar does not make a 6 cyl. car for lowlifes like me. When I told the old man (looked like the mgr) that I was here to test drive the new XJ (Dec 2010) and get my free Odyssey White Ice putter, he said, "Nobody here can help you with that." LOL I told him here, you sign it, you can help (just to get a rise out of him). Mind you this was 10 am on a weekday, 3 sales people standing around doing nothing with no customers. One guy came over and asked me to have a seat, and came back 15 min. later. That's just plain arrogance--and they deserve the poor economy and their poor sales numbers. Kinda karma. And I got my free putter.