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Originally Posted by halfmonkey View Post
If service is your main priority, then the rings are not the best route to go. IMO, Lexus is the best at service quality. Most of their cars leave room for improvement when it comes to the sporty nature of them but it seems that Lexus is working on that as evidenced by the newly introduced GS. Hopefully, the updated IS will carry the momentum and make many more improvements. I'm also hoping Lexus adds more sporty models such as a sporty SUV instead of the soft-roader RX, truck based GX and LX. They need something to compete with the X5, Cayenne, and even FX.

Good luck with the rings as it sounds like you've already made the switch.
We all love BMWs, but not the co. We obviously love the product enough to put up with lousy customer service. Can you imagine what would happen if Lexus delivered in the performance dept.? The new GS costs 47k, I dunno, seems like you have room for 7k worth of options to equal a 335. yet I thought the GS is more comparable to a 535.