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Reading that M5 case and looking at how this case is progressing make me feel lucky for how well the Ford dealership I bought my current car from has treated me. Sales and service, I haven't had a single bad experience with them.

Now FoMoCo and their warranty company, that's a different story. But even in that case, the dealership stepped up when FoMoCo wouldn't. Hopefully, I won't have to find out how the BMW dealership here in Tallahassee deals with this type of situation.

For those wondering, the Ford dealership in question is not in Tallahassee. The Ford dealership in Tallahassee has a sales department that took one look at me (24 at the time) and decided I couldn't afford the car I wanted to buy (2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid). But hey, they lost me as a customer for all but one oil change and a hybrid brake issue that my dealer didn't have the proper equipment to diagnose. So, their loss.

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