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Originally Posted by dougiedude View Post
Oh, and I happened to speak to my SA after the pump and injector replacements and told him I thought I might have noticed some increase in turbo lag and decrease in acceleration, and his response was that he is surprised, because it was his understanding that the HPFP failures were thought to be related to breakdown of plastics within the fuel pump secondary to ethanol, and failure related to that effect; and that the new pumps were more resistant to ethanol effects. So he didn't think that there would be a 'detuning' as part of the recall.

Makes me wish I had dyno-ed the car before the recall so I could compare to the 'after'...

I had the car out again later today, and I still think there could be some greater lag, but I'm not convinced there's a drop in acceleration... that still feels GOOD!!

Thinking I do have the this problem,
I do feel a decrease in acceleration. My idle for my 328i coupe (08), is ridicously slow (if not sometimes dipping under 500rpm). Car stutters at stop lights, (especially can feel it when i'm 1/2 way braking).

Engine light came on for the first time today, scheduled an appointment for tomorrow...hopefully i'll get an error and it's because of the HPFP (because if it's anything else.. i just went over 50,000 miles T.T)