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Originally Posted by MiKc View Post
very sick dude.
thinking of ordering one myself.
do u feel much gain in power or louder sound?
I haven't really pushed my car to feel the difference in power.
From what I've read, you won't see much gain from an intake on a stock car, so I doubt I will "feel" any gain in power. Intake with a tune would be a different story I believe.
Sound is great...hard to hear in 1st and 2nd gear...but you can definitely hear the turbo spool and the bov in other gears. For some reason, the spool and bov sound got louder after a couple of days...maybe my ECU is learning the new intake and is adapting to it? Here is a crappy recording of some revs right after I installed them.

I'm planning on getting a more accurate audio recording with my external mic soon.