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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Yes, the engine you are talking about is going to fit in the the WRX. Why should an STI get a completely different engine? The BRZ STI will be like an M3 CSL or a 911 GT3 RS, a more hardore version and not a just powerful version like for example VW Scirocco and VW Scirocco R.
Exactly! The STI will NOT get a completely different engine just the same engine with FI. It's cheaper.

Hardcore version like the M3 CSL or a 911 GT3 RS?!

That is not the DNA of this car. We are not talking about luxury here. The car is already hardcore in that fun from low weight and price tag is its main goal.

You seem to forget that we are talking about a car that has born from a joint venture to keep the production costs low and hence its price tag.

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So also who cares about keeping emissions and consumption low?
Price tag! The whole automotive industry is committed to sell more. You live in France, you should know what that means...

This is Miata's 'sales hit' territory...

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The AS1 is a tuners car, so those wanting FI will just swap EJ engines or ad supercharger or turbocharger kits. Only TRD will offer a bolt on supercharger for any 86, and maybe a special version with it already from factory.
A S/C version from TRD is good enough for me...

But, you see, there lies the problem with your reasoning... if a more powerful TRD S/C version of the Toyobaru will exist who would care about a more expensive and 'fancy' Subaru version?! It wouldn't sell as much... no way!