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Originally Posted by billiebob View Post
I have the same thing. Brand spankin new 328i, wheel and seat shimmy at 60 mph. Pretty annoying.

My car was on the lot for over a year. Headed back to the dealer this weekend if they have a slot.
This is what the dealer did for me realign and balance and i still had the problem and they say it was the road and that my car had sport suspension on it just talking out of there ass. Then i told them i had an M3 before with A way more aggressive suspension then i my car now and they was like it may be this and may be that . The problem is that your Tire has a flat spot on there and i had to put about 45PSI in the tires and drove it like that Until the car Hit 4500 or so miles until it stop the shimmy or sometime you may have a bad wheel. See if they can replace your tires.