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Originally Posted by jaredlevy View Post
Wish I was brave enough to do this DIY myself...woke up Wednesday morning to a 13 degree New York morning, but my car decided it was going to sleep in. Rest in peace original battery, stealership claimed it has less than 5% charge in it and was WAY below whats need to operate a car.

Replacement battery + labor + tax...$509.
Replacing a car battery is well within any man or woman's capability. It's really easy and all you need is is a socket wrench, elbow grease, and office biceps. There is considerable debate about registering the battery - many have not done it and were fine (I'm one of them), others have interesting stories. I think the key theme out of this thread is get a battery with the same number of cold cranking amps, listed as cca on the battery. I'm pretty sure Walmart has the same size battery for a great price, I got mine from Exide, and I'm sure if you look around you can get the battery from several other places.