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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Actually I believe the STi is getting the turbocharged FB (impreza) as opposed to FA (brz).
Because of emissions and consumption reasons the actual trend in the automotive industry is direct fuel injection combined with FI.
Subaru is NO different... see their most recent DIT 1.6L boxer engine and how its tiny turbo in the bottom doesn't add much
in the engine's height departement when compared to the FA20 (Subaru boxer + Toyota D-4S fuel direct injection):

Subaru boxer + Toyota D-4S:

DIT 1.6L boxer:

Just look at the tilted air-to-air TMIC placed toward the back in the top of the 1.6L engine:

Now, see how low the engine is mounted and how much height space is available in the Toyobaru's engine bay and note how much plastic after the windshield
could be removed to accommodate a TMIC like that. This picture is truly a revelation :

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