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Originally Posted by brocken View Post
I'm really hoping the content adds on to the main story. Maybe something about the Dominion.
The side quests were all really great and involving but the main quest just seemed kinda short.
I'd love to play more but need deeper content to get me back in there.
Yah! I honestly thought that was the whole point of the story...but instead they focused on some stupid Black Dragon they sent back to the future. I left too :/ ... went to Saint's Row a bit, but the story was disappointing there too (it went downhill as soon as I finished the airplane level)..I loved Saint's Row 2.

Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
650 base damage Daedric bow / 55 fire damage enchant / paralyze enchant

Dragon scale armor all with 50% bow damage / sneak

Sneak with bow does x3 multiplier. I can get higher damage if I drink a 300% archery potion.

*I used crafting gear (smithing/alchemy) + potions (smithing/enchanting) to create evertyhing. Skills are 100 smithing/100 enchanting/70 alchemy/100 Archery/ 70+ sneak
** I didn't use the fortify restoration potion glitch. If you use this glitch, it will ruine the game. You can make an infinite damage bow and other crazy gear.
Dang I need to youtube the fortify restoration glitch. Haven't played the game in a while. Just waiting for some good DLC action

Maybe I need to side with Ulfric or something. I went with the Imperials and that story line was quite anticlimactic.