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iDrive crash and replacement questions

First, I think it's bulls**t that a $2000 option fails on a <6yo car, is not covered under any CPO or extended warranty, and the dealer wants $1500 to fix/replace. So, I am forced to drive the car with no monitoring systems like Temps, TPMS etc., not to mention no Entertainment or Navigation until I get this fixed.. total bs.

I've been looking the options available and based on the price of the retrofit kits out there for CIC, and my plans to get into something else in the next few years, I can't justify the expense. So I'll be going the replacement and DIY route (which appears to have it's own obstacles!)

Hoping someone on here can help me with a few questions I have re: replacing the CCC before I tear into this..

Is there any way to bench test the unit once it's out of the car to see if the CCC is truly bad? I'm going by my dealer's diagnosis, and I always question their assessments, especially when they start talking 4 digit repair costs.

I ask because iDrive worked intermittently until I replaced the battery in the car. I had been getting a "Battery Low Charge" message that had become increasingly more frequent and thought it might have been related to my CCC failure (no warning at all, btw.. just driving along and iDrive went out). But after the car would sit, iDrive would boot, function for about 10min, then shut down again. Now that I have replaced the battery (dealer installed, along with his "no comm to CCC" diagnosis) there is nothing. Based on some research, replacing the battery was a potential fix to some CCC crashes, but I find it odd that it no longer boots at all. Of note, the HU still illuminates and the cooling fan on the backside of the unit functions. If anything, I just want to get power to the unit so I can eject the media before I send the unit in as a core. They tell me they can't guarantee I'll get the media back. I can't really do much without the Nav DVD, can I?

Lastly, when I install the new unit, what needs to happen? I suppose I'll need to return to the dealer for the new iDrive to be activated for my car (i call bs on that, too), but is there any plug-n-play functionality.. like maybe my Radio and/or Navigation? The install looks pretty straightforward, and it would be nice to have some of the functionality back before I have to take it back to the dealer and incur THAT expense!

Thanks for any info!