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Originally Posted by timmahh View Post
So what exactly is wrong with it? Does it work fine for a few mins then shuts down? Do you get any visual on the screen?

The H.U. illumination probably doesn't mean much as that's controlled by the headlight switch in the car; different circuits etc.

The CCC has several components, including ram that could be bad.. Have you pulled the unit out a bit to see if touching any wires in the back yields any difference?

Have you tried the CCC hard reset [for when it's locked up]? Press the eject buttons on both the dvd-drive and the cd-drive, while holding press the volume/power/mute button. That should reset the system.

Try unpairing and unplugging all devices when it is working and see if that yields any difference, an old co worker had consistant lockups on the CCC when his blackberry was paired to the car. Unplug iPod etc.
It does absolutely nothing now (exc. HU illum and fan)..I have a blank screen. Prior to battery replacement it worked for short periods of time for 3 days after it first went out. When it first went out, I was 15min in on my drive from ATL back to CLT (that was a fun 3h!). It didn't boot back up until the next morning (about 12h rest) , even after multiple attempts to stop/start the car when I got home. Sat overnight and ran for 10min, then shut down. That continued until I took the car in for battery replacement on the 4th day.

I guess fan would also be controlled by different circuit.. makes sense

Hard reset was the first thing I tried, and have done countless times since. I still need to check voltage on it to see if it's getting power..I don't think it is. If it's not, I need to figure out why. My SA suggested MOST boots in sequence, and I do have the iPod module that I installed a few years ago, but it hasn't given me any problems. I have thought about looking at that...

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