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Originally Posted by ShereKhan View Post
I have now had my car back from the dealer.

The dealer wanted it for one day but I persuaded them to keep it for two days as I didn't want to miss any of my work related activities.

So they agreed - In the end it took them 2.5 days.

The work carries out was as so:-

Reprogram the ECU memory

Remove cam head cover

Adjust valve clearances

Replace two gaskets (as they don't reuse gaskets - I did spot the price of one gasket as ~70GBP+VAT)

Thats all that was done and it took 2.5 days.

I seemed to have lost all my radio station presets and my MPG data (I hadn't reset the trip computer)

I should now see if there is any difference over the coming weeks.
Sherekhan, as you've mentioned you rack up a few miles on your si so here's hoping you will be able to give us an update very shortly as to whether the problem is sorted.
I must admit with all the water about at the moment each time I push the starter button I'm half expecting the rough idle to have returned .
However did a few hundred miles over the weekend and last tank full of unleaded returned 438 miles (i was down to an indicated 9 miles range in the tank before I found a shell garage) . I have filled it with V power to see if range increases or performance.

Still enjoying throwing it around.