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Originally Posted by gmazzu View Post
I would spend the money if I knew what was on the other side was so incredible. My other thought is to buy the TC Kline and skip the rear bar and camber plates because that might just be a killer setup for the street. I have purchased some expensive suspension components for my motorcycle in the past and it was a case of you get what you pay for.

Have you seen or have any information on the Dinan springs? They have only a slight drop, I'm not sure how the handle or what the spring rates are, I could possible put them with a set of konis
Suspension, more so than anything else, has to work as a system. If you don't plan on tracking the car, I would say that the results of the spring, shock, sways combo would be better for you.

I called Dinan looking for spring rates and sway bar rates, but they told me it was proprietary. I know Steve Dinan knows his stuff, but that is like going to a high end restaurant and the menu is off limits. And regarding special valving, if you know some basic info, any suspension tuner worth their salt can revalve them for your car.