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Thanks Stinger. I intend to get my reflectors covered or painted, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

There are plenty of TIAG, Space, Black and White. Why not be different? My last car was Silver and was great looking but the Crimson Red is a good sports car color. Not for everyone but it's for me. It definetly doesn't blend into the background.

I'm still wavering on the Black wheels. I like them and then I'll see some of the other wheels that are on the forum and I'm thinking that I might change them. At least they are a nice mesh look. I originally was going to put 19 x 10s on the rear but with the 42 offset they came with they were going to rub like crazy and they stuck out to much for my tastes. I stepped back to the 9.5s and they tuck in pretty nicely, almost a bit to much. I might think about putting in some spacers if I can get comfortable with their durability.

I imagine the reason there aren't more modded Crimson Red coupes is because there are so few of them. I imagine it will be a more popular color with the E93s since it really looks good on them as well.

I'm sure your twitching to get your E93 delivered. I searched a good long while before I decided on the 335I. I think the exclusivness was what really sold me and the power.

Hope you get it soon and post lots of picts.