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Help with ST V1 Coilover Install - Front Sway Bar End Link Too Short??

Hey guys... I've installed ST V1's on the rear and everything went well thanks to the wealth of advice on the forum. I'm now working on the front and have hit a bit of a snag.

I successfully removed the OEM spring and shock on the driver's side front and have installed the ST V1. Everything is buttoned up with the exception of the sway bar end link. For some reason, the sway bar end link is now too short to reach the tab on the side of the shock body (it's the tab that has a hole in it; the sway bar end link as well as a bracket for the wires mount in this hole).

Did I do something wrong? Do you have to use longer sway bar end links with ST V1's?

I grabbed this pic from one of "larryn"'s posts... the sway bar end link won't reach the tab that has the red circle around it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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