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Originally Posted by willhollin View Post
Yes it's the Bluetooth module.

If you car hasn't got split folding seats they won't move!

Thanks Will

Yeah ive just had a little search, looks like i have to remove the bottom bench and then go from there if i do want to move them. Shouldnt be too bad, hopefully!


Originally Posted by actionj_99


Need to get access to the MOST distribution block. Anyone here do the CD changer install or the Satellite Radio Install? How do I remove the Rear Seat Back? My car DOES NOT have fold down seats.

Thanks in Advance,

Three steps:

First: Take out the rear seat lower part (just pull hard at the front seam(upwards) and it pops loose and can be taken out)

second: unscrew the bolts at the lower end of the rear seat back that hold the seat. They are Torx heads of either 40 or 50 size (T40 or T50)

Third: climb in the boot with a screwdriver facing upwards to the parcel shell. Find the (almost hidden) unlocking holes (one left, one right) for the rear seats (just a hole on the metal with a lever behind them) and move the lever outwards to unlock the rear seat back. Itīs a so called emergency release latch (donīt ask me why itīs called that since there still are the bolts at the lower part of the seat). That release latch is really hard to find and even after youīve found it itīs really hard to figure out what to move where, but once youīve done it, itīs easy.

Anyone know if ill need to do anything to the amp or will it be ok in my new found position?