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Interested to read gabble's latest comments on Knights North Staffs in Stoke. I agree regarding the time taken at key handover but it does at least give you chance to get items on to the job card without having to leave a love letter to the technicians.

My gripe is on the quibbling of the amount of fuel in the loan car upon return. BMW servicing isn't cheap and to argue over 2 litres of fuel seems petty in the extreme.

On the other hand I had an issue at MOT time which Knights really saved the day and their service to me as a customer was second to none. Long story short, car failed MOT due to leaking diesel from a split breather pipe (relatively common issue I gather from this forum). I would be allowed to drive the car home and then back to Knights for a fix and retest.

The catch? I don't live in the area anymore and myself & my fiancee were visiting the area to do a lot of wedding planning as we planned our wedding in North Staffs before we moved. The MOT failure was around 5pm on a Friday night, we were due at our hotel later that evening and had planned the weekend around having a car.

15 minutes later Leanne had sorted a loan of a new 318i for the weekend at no charge with no fuss and organised a technician to come in on the Saturday morning as it's a long job to replace this pipe. They also offered to take up my case with BMW for a goodwill gesture as the bill for this piece of work came to approx 700. I had to pay the bill upfront to get my car back - if I still lived locally I might have argued that point and kept the loan car.

Saturday afternoon I got the car back fully repaired, MOT retest done, washed and vacced and ready for the rest of the weekend.

Monday lunchtime I got a call from Leanne saying that BMW were willing to make a 50% contribution. I admit I got a bit sniffy, stated I knew it was a common fault on a supposedly prestige vehicle, and that I was a loyal customer, had all my servicing done by them and have the comprehensive insured warranty (check your handbook if you have this warranty - the fuel pipes are specifically excluded). An hour later Leanne called me back stating that BMW were covering 100% of the bill and she refunded my card there and then for the full amount.

So my gripe in this case was really with BMW and the failure of the pipe, but Knights North Staffs, specifically Leanne, did everything they could for me in a difficult situation and I'd recommend them.

They were also extremely helpful in tracking down a buckled wheel, taking the time to try to balance the wheels and take the car on an extended test drive and showing me the way they balance wheels compared with outfits like Kwik Fit. OK, the replacement wheel was pricey but I've come to expect it!

At least the screenwash remains exceptional value for money!